Offering complete website services from concept through completion. We can create graphics and code for your site, as well as provide content services such as writing and editing, online marketing and search engine optimization, website hosting, and long term site maintenance.

Though every web design project is different, below is a general guideline for a normal project.


Assess Project Scope

We survey your needs and assemble a game plan which serves to discuss general concepts, analyze your goals and objectives, review elements of competitor sites, and answer any questions you may have regarding your site’s design.

Design Layout

Using the outcome from our assessment, we will develop one or two front page and interior page design mock-ups and post them online for your review. We will also provide a basic sitemap organization chart to show navigation through content pages.


We then listen to your thoughts and opinions regarding initial mock-ups. Additional mock-ups can be provided as necessary, as your satisfaction is our number one goal.


Mock-up designs are revised as necessary and submitted to you for further review.


When you are satisfied with design concept and storyboard, your approval begins construction of the entire site. Any design changes made after approval are happily completed but billed on an hourly basis.


In the development phase, page templates are created, artwork is optimized for quick download and content is added—extra scripts, media, Flash and more are then integrated.

Error Checking

Design and development of your site is now complete. Our team will complete a basic link and function error check and then notify you that a Draft version is ready for your review. The draft is basically a completed site, however we recommend your company’s stakeholders perform a thorough review to verify all content and components are to your satisfaction.

Finalization & Launch

Once any items from the beta draft are noted and resolved, you are ready to launch and invite customers to visit.

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